Travel Soccer

Welcome to NWAA Travel Soccer

Our regirstration are currently closed and teams have been assigned. If you have an interest to join one of the current teams please go to the coaches contacts section and contact the coach directly so they may set up a tryout for you. 

Registration for Winter A is currently open 

Registration fees include Single Practice time, Session fees and ref fees 









The NWAA Soccer Club is looking for youth soccer players interested in participating on the clubs travel soccer program.   The clubs travel team primary mission is to promote the “beautiful game” by developing skill, teamwork and fellowship and challenge them at a higher level of competition.   “Winning is not the objective… love for the game, skill, teamwork and camaraderie brotherhood are the objective.  Winning is a byproduct of our belief in ourselves and each other.”  Our coaching philosophy is simple; with proper training, practice, fun and experience any interested player at any skill level can succeed and perform at a higher level of competition.  Success is measured in confidence that carries both on and off the field.We compete locally within the Buffalo and Western New York area against other local soccer clubs which are aligned by age division and team skill level.