Elections Information

2016 Elections will take place at the Lewiston 2 Fire hall at 1705 Saunders Settlement Road  from 6-6:30pm with the general meeting tobe held right afterwards. Any one with a child in an NWAA program is eligible to vote  



Circle candidate of choice per position


Vice President                                                     Bill Ploetz


Treasurer                                                             Jennifer Higgins





Football Commissioner                                       Mark Ziegler


Cheerleading Commissioner                               Krista Ziegler


Wrestling Commissioner                                     Anthony Kuhn


Lacrosse Commissioner                                       Bill Henchbarger


House Soccer Commissioner                                Kylene Hershberger


Travel Soccer Commissioner                                James Dolan




 Member at Large

    Select Three from below                                        


Jennifer Cheers                                       Randy Friess


Kelly Gordon                                            Daniel Higgins                 


Cindy Dolan                                             Joe Kiska


Dana Andrews                                         Kristin Clark